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Fire suppression

Fogmaker is an automatic fire suppression system based on high pressure water mist. It has unique effect and is environmentally beneficial. The system is very efficient and results in a temperature drop of 734 degrees C in 10 seconds! By using high pressure water mist to suppress fire, the need for cleaning of engine compartments after fire is minimal. The method is harmless to humans, machinery and the environment. A decrease of the oxygen level occur also because of the expansion of water steam when water evaporates into water steam. A small amount of foam additive prevents hydro-carbon vapours to re-ignite. The Fogmaker systems can be installed in any engine room or enclosed area and Fogmaker works on multiple markets. More than 160 000 units have been delivered since 1995 and the system has achieved several international approvals, including Bureau Veritas, Swedish Fire Protection, Association SPB 128 and FIA.


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