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Sit Safe is easy to use, and operated with a simple hand maneuvre. The child is safe with his back towards the direction of travel while maintaining good contact with the adult person. The seat is designed for children up to 18 kg.

According to the organisation Trygg trafikk, backward-facing travel provide the best safety for young children. Children should therefore be secured backwards for as long as possible and at least until they are four years old. Small children have a big and heavy head in relation to the rest of the body. At the same time, muscular and bone construction is less developed than in older children and adults. We deliver Safe to several bus companies in Norway. Bus operators prefer Sit Safe because of it’s easy handling, and the fact that it can be used by adults if not used by a child. There is no longer the need for loose seats lying around in the storageareas of the bus. Sit Safe is a fully tested system – All in one – Front facing seat for adults and rear facing for children, with 3 point harness for both. Sit Safe seats are approved for assembly in all types of buses in Norway. Sit Safe is also compatible with minibuses and taxis driving children to school and kindergarten.

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