Support & Service

We know our customers, and are fully aware of the requirements made for precise departures, timetables and material standards. In such a life there is no room for major deviations, and with the economic framework conditions under which they operate, there is no room for extra materials. This puts demands on our customers who then puts demands for us to deliver.

Swap system - unusually flexible

In order to meet customer demand for all vehicles in optimal operation, we have established our exchange system. Primarily this applies to Mobitec signs, handset for Dräger Alcohol interlock systems, and Fogmaker fire extinguishers. This system works in combination with our quickfixes. The system is based on that the customer simply switch products with us – while we do the repairs, the customer has a corresponding product available. Simple!

Courses and training - safer operation

Another part of our support is technical training and product training of our customers’ personnel. Together with the vehicle suppliers , we educate drivers and other personnel. This will make drivers more safe, and it will take less time to put the vehicle into operation at startup. The same applies also to technical personnel, where we tailor-make training as agreed. Safe and skilled employees provide better margins – every day!


Our service offerings are based on a combination of emergency services and preventive maintenance to avoid unwanted casualties and stops. We can offer service agreements at a fixed price. In case of emergency services, we will expedite as quickly as possible. It can be arranged 24/7 service during periods when this is required.


At our facility we have a warehouse that is built for the need for fast delivery. Most of the parts are distributed the same day if the order is registered with us before noon. 2:30 p.m.. We send nation wide overnight.

Reach us by phone

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